Day Stay Surgical

If you are having a general anaesthetic, you will be with us approximately 2 hours, depending on the length of the procedure. If you are having a local procedure, it will be approximately 40 minutes.

Yes, of course, before surgery, you will be seen by both your surgeon and anaesthetist. You will be able to discuss concerns at this stage.

You will not feel pain during the operation, and post operatively, the recovery staff and the anaesthetist manage your pain. When you go home you will be given a prescription for pain medication if required.

It takes at least 24 hours to get over these short anaesthetics so having the following day off is a good idea. Work certificates can be provided on request.

The surgeon’s phone number will be given to you on discharge. If problems arise, this is your first port of call. You will also be given written post operative instructions to refer to, so you know what to expect.

This depends on the procedure you have had. Post operative instructions and information will be given to you on discharge.

Miscarriage Service

You may require 1-2 days off from work following your procedure

Most results are back within 10 days. Some special tests take longer